Breathe new life into these statements with an unforgettable DIY workshop!

You already know that an organization’s mission, vision and values statements could be among the most important it will ever craft, serving as the foundation for everything from external brand strategy to internal culture and employee behavior.  

Yet, ask any employee to rattle them off and what do you get? Most often, a lot of hemming and hawing. That’s because almost no one remembers those bland “me-too” statements and even fewer could tell you the difference between them.

We created the Purpose-Way-Impact (PWI) model to give leaders a simpler and more intuitive way to structure these critical, foundational messages.

A Viral Sensation on LinkedIn

Unveiled in May 2017, the PWI concept quickly went viral on LinkedIn. It’s been read nearly 80,000 times, liked almost 9,000 times and led to thousands of downloads in just three months! 

Many of those readers asked for help in applying the PWI framework to their own organizations and clients. So we developed the PWI Workshop Kit to help any organization create its own Purpose, Way and Impact statements.  

“I love the PWI framework! The way it connects organizational purpose to the personal feeling of contribution and the impact it has not just on clients but on the broader society is very powerful.” SVP of HR - 250-person software company

“We used your Purpose-Way-Impact model to rethink what we’re here for and what we’re trying to do. The ‘Way’ component came at a crucial point when I was trying to connect our Purpose to the Impact we want to have. I’m already finding that the effort has been repaid as we refine the value proposition for current and prospective members. And it’s helping us say no to some things, too! You might also like to know that when I’ve taken others through our Purpose, Way and Impact statements, they’ve really liked the model and simplicity of the approach.” Executive Director - Non-profit organization

What's In the Kit?

Whether you’re a seasoned facilitator or it’s your first foray into leading an effort like this, the PWI Workshop Kit has everything you’ll need to facilitate a 3- to 4-hour workshop and craft the inspiring foundational statements employees will never forget.  

The PWI Workshop Kit contains:  

  • A guide for selecting workshop participants; 
  • An inventory of the materials and room set-up;  
  • A full set of instructions for the facilitator;  
  • A full set of worksheets for participants;  
  • A complete set of six (6) exercises and questions designed to drive animated conversation around each statement;  
  • Instructions for prioritizing and voting on key concepts;  
  • Models for how to structure your own statements; 
  • A roadmap for how to socialize and drive buy-in from the rest of the organization; and 
  • Examples of suggested PWI statements for notable brands.  

How Much Does It Cost? 

We’re packaging the Do-It-Yourself PWI Workshop Kit three ways to make it easy for you to make it easy and cost-effective for you to unlock value quickly: 

  • Option #1 = $395.00: PWI Workshop Kit Only: Download the full kit and feel free to email us for support before or after your PWI workshop.  
  • Option #2 = $695.00: PWI Kit + 2 Support Calls: Download the full kit and schedule two 30-minute calls with us (one before and one after the workshop) to maximize your workshop preparation and output.  
  • Option #3 = $1,595.00: PWI Kit + 2 Support Calls + Live Workshop Participation & P&I Certified listing: Download the full kit, schedule two 30-minute calls with us (one before and one after the workshop) have a BrandFoundations team member monitor and assist with your workshop via conference call or video. We’ll also help you edit and polish your final PWI statements and feature you or your client (if they so desire) in the “PWI-Certified Circle” – a growing collection of businesses and organizations who are demonstrating to prospective recruits, customers and investors their commitment to consciously infusing purpose into their brands and cultures. 

Money-Back Guarantee

The PWI model has changed the trajectory of our practice in just a few short months. That’s why we’re so excited to share it with other consultants like you. And we’re so confident you and your clients will love it that we’ll even guarantee your complete satisfaction or refund 100% of your payment. Simply show us that you ran a workshop and share your completed worksheets and outputs. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the result, we’ll gladly refund your money.