Webinar: How Higher Purpose Will Drive Success in the Cannabis & Hemp Industries


How Higher Purpose Will Drive Success in the Cannabis & Hemp Industries

The cannabis and hemp industries are growing at a pace not seen since the dot.com era. Investor money is pouring in, M&A is accelerating, and a formerly underground industry is finally coming out of the shadows. But this rapid change is also creating massive internal culture challenges that threaten the industry and could lead to dot.com-like implosions. In this webinar, JP Laqueur from BrandFoundations and Jane Lauterback from The Purposeworks: 

  • Explored the internal culture, behavioral and recruiting challenges that are occurring as a result of this rapid growth; 
  • Demonstrated how an organization's "higher purposeā€ can help address these challenges;
  • Shared two tools that business leaders can begin to use immediately to build healthier, more purposeful cultures that will stand the test of time.  

JANE LAUTERBACK The Purposeworks

JP LAQUEUR BrandFoundations

Jane is a Leadership Coach and Business Development Executive with 20+ years working with Fortune-500 companies, start-ups, foundations, non-profits and schools to integrate brand, culture and people for increased organizational effectiveness, innovation and social impact. 

JP has 20+ years of experience in marketing and branding across a wide variety of B2B sectors. As a founding partner of BrandFoundations, he has conducted post-M&A re-branding for Extreme Networks, GTL, Signal Hill Capital and many others. JP is a frequent speaker on aligning corporate brand and culture.